SiteC V0.2.3 Documentation

This document is meant to gives you an introduction to SiteC and guide you through installation and configuration.

What's SiteC?

SiteC is a kind of content management system. Download the source code here.

What does SiteC?

SiteC allows you to separate content from design and to perform certain tasks automatically such as the creation of indexes and the management of links.
The basic idea of SiteC is to give "attributes" to HTML-pages so that a knowledge management system (yes, a real "AI" tool) can reason about your pages. Based on this information, SiteC creates HTML links for you and adds navigation bars automatically. However, it does not keep you from using the latest HTML tags.
The following diagram illustrates SiteC operation:

  • As a first compilation pass, SiteC collects meta-information about all HTML source files and stores it into its knowldege base. This information includes the document title, markers and user-defined attributes.
  • In the second compilation pass, SiteC parses the bodies of the source documents, resolving symbolic expressions such as markers or indices and combines the result with a design template.
  • Finally an error report is generated that tells the user about errors and inconsistencies that have been found.

Initial Reading

SiteC Reference Pages