Position: Chief Technology Officer
Technology: ArsDigita Tcl, Oracle 8i, Linux
Summary: The buildup of the has taken 9 months with 8 permanent team members.

Several multilingual marketplaces and portals have been implemented:


Several multilingual marketplaces and portals have been build using an "agile" analysis and development methodology, a rigid quality control process and the ArsDigita development platform. Several Powerpoint slides that document these processes are publicly available as part of the collaboration with the La Salle University:

  • Development at
    A PDF presentation about the analysis and development process at

  • ArsDigita Training Plan
    This document is part of the standardized training plan at The ties to Universities allow for an efficient recruiting and training of new developers and for access to firsthand information about the current technology environment.

  • Operations and Quality Guide
    This presentation documents the staging and quality control processes that allow for highest application availability while allowing for continuous development.

  • Multilingual Architecture
    An article documenting the decisions and tradeoffs when implementing multilingual architectures.

A view at the Ceramicaclusters marketplace product hierarchy