SiteC Attributes

The following attributes (variables) are defined with the context of a single file. They can be viewed for example by inserting the following statement:
<PRO action="insert_var($year)">
day day of week (0..6, 0=sunday, 1=monday, ...)
dest_dir root directory of destination tree (as defined in ~./sitecrc)
hour hour of day (0..23)
input_file filename of current file (without path)
language language of document (english | german | french | spanish)
min minute of hour (0..59)
month month of year (0..11, 0=january)
sec second of minute (0..59)
source_dir root directory of source tree (as defined in ~./sitecrc)
template default template (fully qualified filename)
year year of date (..., 1970, 1971, .. 2001, 2002, ...)
publication last part of directory name or "home" at toplevel