Here you can find online documentation and screenshots about some past projects.

  • Ouranos Success Story (PDF)

    ]project-open[ rollout: Tracking projects with multiple sources of funds: Projects in public administration may have multiple sources of funding that each cover only certain parts of the budget.

  • Marketplaces and Portals
    Various vertial marketplaces and portals have been build using an "agile" analysis and development methodology. The underlying technology is based on Oracle 8i, the ArsDigita development platform and an NPS content management system.


  • Spare Part Marketplace
    This project represents the first Spanish marketplace using SAP technology. It uses the SAP BBP (Business to Business Procurement) module to allow car dealers and associated garages to order spare parts agains the central warehouse

  • Car Configurator
    An online "product choice board" (similar to the Dell computer configurator) that allows to tailor the products of a major European car brand to the needs of the client. The main challenge during the project was the fact that the brands product catalog was not designed to be published online.

  • Plant Control Software - Quality
    A project for a major European automotive company, the objective was to improvement of the quality management components of the production control system. The project has been implemented using Java 1.1.7b and is operative at various plants since January 1999

  • City of Berlin web server
    A major (5000 HTML pages) web server project using the NPS Content Management System from Infopark AG. The project was based on the content generation activities of over 50 editors from 8 different governmental institutions and included aspects ranging from network infrastructure to content organization

  • Messer AG (Hoechst) Intranet
    A corporate intranet and Knowledge Management project for Messer AG, Krefeld. The project included consulting and change management to convert product description and documentation online. The technical architecture indcludes the NPS Content Management System and many customer specific web applications.

Prviate Projects

  • SiteC A content management system to organize large web sites. Provides features such as symbolic linking, indices and navigation bars. The design is separated from the pages.

  • Brain Aid Prolog A Prolog compiler for massive parallel Computers. Exchange messages between processes using statements like 'Dest :-> Message'. Watch processes interact using the parallel source level debugger in multiple windows. The PD demo release includes a parallel 'checkers' game.

  • Abalone (online) Check out the Java version of this online game! Even though it contains the most trivial strategy, I've got quite some problems to win against it (is this a compliment for me or not?).

  • Turbo Chess A straight forward chess implementation written in Turbo Prolog. The demo (IBM-PC) includes both, text output and EGA/VGA drivers.