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I have set up this community because I am receiving a lot of questions concerning the use of Turbo Prolog as oposed to other Prolog dialects such as SWI, Sicstus etc. So I hope that the pages of this community will help you to get an idea what's going on with Prolog. If the forum should not work for some reason please send an email to

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    A comparison of several popular Prolog systems from a beginners point of view.
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    A standard Question-and-Answer forum where you can ask your questions (yes, this is the place where you can discuss your homework exercises!)
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This page is visited every week by about 200 different persons, all with interest in Prolog. About 20 of you ask me for the password to download Turbo Prolog. Another 10 persons are interested in the Prolog-Chess and Checkers games. The majority of you is studying computer science at university. The vast majority of you are non-english native speakers, so don't be shy.

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