Known Bugs

This is the list of some know bugs that will be fixed soon:
  • Unterminated Comments
    Causes a crash with the message "[WARNING: Out of global stack]".
  • HTML-Parser Incompatibilities
    SiteC does not handle HTML-errors the same way as the Netscape Naviagator: Taking the Netscape Navigator as a specification on how to handle HTML-errors (ill-formed tags, unterminated tags, ...), SiteC behaves different. The problem is, that a lot of heuristics are involved in the estimation and autocorrection of errors. For this reason, the SiteC HTML-parse behaves rather verbosely indicating all unsolved errors or ambiguities.
  • Link Endpoints: Distinction between <A NAME="..."> and <META NAME="marker" CONTENT="...">
    Currently there is no difference in treating these two possibilities to define a link endpoint. However, the META-definition should never produce a links with a "#marker" ending while the <A NAME="..."> always should.
These are some known problems, that might persist longer:
  • Pathes and Filenames
    The calculation of relativ pathes requires a distinction between pathes and filenames. Unfortunately, due to the fact that SiteC is to run on several different platforms, there is no secure way to determine if a path (for example: "/home/fraber/public_html/index.html") refers to a file or to a directory.
    Currently, the solution is to interpret expressions in the form "filebody.extenstion" (for example: "index.html") as files and expressions without a dot (".") as directories. This has several consequences:
    • Directories can not contain dot (".") characters.
    • Files must contain a dot (".") characters.
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